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Simple Steps to a Fall Master Bedroom Update with Frame It Easy!

I’m so excited to share my fall Master Bedroom Makeover with the help of Frame It Easy. use this link for 10% off.

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white farmhouse master bedroom with framed song lyrics and a basket wall

Design and Ordering

Frame It Easy truly makes it easy.. I knew exactly what I wanted and designed lyrics to our wedding song and gifted this to my husband for our 16th wedding anniversary. All you do is upload your design, pick a size and a frame and boom… it’s that simple… or should I say easy!!


Made in the USA! So needless to say simple is fast.
I can’t believe how well their items are packaged. They are so secure and packaged tight which ensures your items arrive safe without damage.


This is usually the most frustrating part! Not with frame it easy. It comes ready to hang and with all the things you need to make your life easy..

complete instructions
amazing brackets and items for hanging
Once you hang you can remove the protective film!! No fingerprints!

Finished Product…

Yep… I’m in love!!
I love the wood frame, I knew it would go perfectly with my idea for a basket wall, white bedroom and fall decor.
The quality is amazing and I couldn’t be happier.
Please go check out to design your custom frame and get 10% through that link.


Frame it easy is partnering with me to give one lucky customer a $100 gift card toward their purchase…. what!! Head on over to and follow me and and follow the instructions on the reel of my new updated master bedroom. Giveaway ends Friday, August 20, 2021.

Thanks so much for being here…

xoxo, Lisa

a fun patriotic farmhouse collection.. with Antique Farmhouse…eeek

Hey friends! What a busy few weeks it has been but that is totally okay because, I’m so excited to share my patriotic farmhouse collection with you! When I say that I love all things Antique Farmhouse I mean it!! So you can imagine my excitement to launch a collection with them. You all know that I love all things RED, WHITE AND BLUE, so that’s what I wanted to share in my collection with them. It’s called “LAND OF LIBERTY” and I’m in love with all the pieces.

Antique Farmhouse has such unique pieces and even better prices. I’m so excited that I can style a space you can find the exact pieces that I have used. Luckily Antique Farmhouse does the hard work and already puts pieces that work together all in one space and allow you to shop those exact spaces. They really are the best!

I decided to style my patio with this collection. With it being patriotic pieces we will see them the most at the pool since that’s where we stay in the summer! I love them all so much there is no way I could pick a favorite.



I love all the neutral colors that went into this collection. They all work together for the red, white, and blue theme but also are neutral enough to use year-round. The blanket is such good quality and is perfect for those cool summer nights. Check it out here..

The Wooden Flag…

Y’all!!! I couldn’t love this more… It is the most beautiful piece. It has the perfect amount of distressing and is made so well. It completes any look and is such a statement piece. My son has already claimed this for his room when it’s not being used for my Memorial Day and Fourth of July decor. It comes in so many different sizes and would work in any space in your home.

  • Made of 100% solid hardwood boards and walnut frames.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Made in USA.
  • Seams between adjoining boards and frames may be visible.
  • You will receive the size of your choice.
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 5″, 16″ x 10″, 24″ x 16″, 36″ x 24″.

Check it out here…

Everyone loves good pillows….

Their decorative throw pillows are cozy and soft, and the farmhouse color and stripe make this one a must-have for your den, family room, or bedroom. It’s a  Cotton Canvas Pillow With Blue Stripes has a rectangular shape and an inviting design. This decorative pillow is a real eye-catcher with a fun farmhouse style you will love.

  • Made of cotton with polyester fill.
  • Spot clean only.
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ H.

check it out here..

Did I mention that it also comes in RED…. it’s a perfect matching set.

  • Made of cotton with polyester fill.
  • Spot clean only.
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ H.

Check it out here…

I’m all about putting my feet up!!

This is a Cotton Canvas Pouf With Blue Stripes is perfect for all your seating needs. It’s great for extra seating or just a place to put your feet up, this beautiful pouf ottoman is the perfect piece to add to your decor collection. This piece will create a warm and comfortable feel for your room or in my case an outdoor patio. I love that it matches the other pieces in the collection perfectly.

  • Made of cotton canvas with polyester fill.
  • Spot clean only
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 17″ H.

Check it out here…

Last but not least…. FREEDOM!!

I added this wooden Freedom sign to my entryway. It ties my Fourth Of July collection together and adds just that extra touch. I love the detailing of this sign. It’s also distressed perfectly and works great together with the flag sign also. This sign also comes in several size options and will make your space scream Patriotic.

Freedom Flag Framed Wall Sign 

  • Made of 100% solid hardwood boards and walnut frames.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Made in USA.
  • Seams between adjoining boards and frames may be visible.
  • You will receive the size of your choice.
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 4″, 24″ x 8″, 36″ x 12″.

check it out here..

Another Round-up!

I can’t thank Antique Farmhouse enough for this amazing opportunity. They are amazing to work with and have the best products.. please go check them out and all the other items in this collection.. you won’t be sorry.

Don’t forget to check out the items on my instgram and follow me for more..

Thanks for being here,

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How to Makeover a hutch and give it new life..


let me just show you the after first so you’ll be interested in staying here to see the process hahaha.

diy chalk painted farmhouse white hutch


okay.. here’s the before.

before farmhouse hutch makeover

I just knew she could be beautiful. Boy was I right..

So a friend had this beauty for sale and we did a little trading and I sent my boys to pick it up for me. To be honest.. that’s the hardest part of it all. The “do you really need another hutch” questions and “where will this go” blah blah blah… boys just get it to me and let mama take care of the rest.. am I right??

dodge ram for the win. hutch makeover

The point where they probably are cussing me but do it anyways.. I’m so lucky to have them..


Prep Work..

almond wood cleaner

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!! Make sure you clean your piece really good before you start. I use the almond wood cleaner from target and it’s amazing and smells so yummy. you can thank me later..

diy chalk painted hutch

Next remove your hardware.. I wanted to take off the doors so I removed them and removed all the drawers and handles.

diy chalk painted farmhouse hutch

I used painters tape on the glass so it would make painting go much faster.


  • paint..
  • paint brush

that was easy..

waverly chalk paint

I used this Waverly Chalk paint from Walmart. I’ve used this on so many projects and have always loved it. I used the color PLASTER.

chalk paint brush

Be sure to use a chalk paint brush. You can pick these up anywhere. They are a bit more then a normal brush but trust me.. you need it.


diy chalk painted hutch

Just start painting.. no sanding required.

diy chalk painted hutch

after one coat.. don’t freak out. it will look crazy. trust the process.. it dries so fast then you can apply your second coat.

diy chalk painted hutch

see the difference the second coat makes. usually in all my projects, I only do 2.

Don’t forget to paint your drawers.. let it dry and reattach all the hardware.


this is the fun part..

farmhouse chalk painted hutch

Can you even believe the difference and it only took about tan hour. I’m so obsessed and couldn’t be happier with the results.


farmhouse space before and after

This was one of the first spaces I styled when we moved in about 8 years ago. It’s funny because I had a pinterest party and we all did a DIY craft and I made this wreath. I was so happy with this space but over the years it was defiantly time to spruce it up a bit.. This hutch was the perfect piece for the space. I also added a diy shiplap wall behind it and knocked both projects out in just half a day.. painting and all.. not bad to be putting it off for so long. Watch the process here…

As always. please let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned to see what’s gonna happen with this floor that doesn’t match..

xoxo, Lisa

pink lily outfit and hat long hair photography headshot in a field
the southern honey

DIY Spring Wreath for $10!! Step by Step Below.

Indoor or Outdoor Wooden Bead Wreath

I’ll all about a super simple and affordable diy’s. Follow along and I’ll show you exactly what I did. As always for more info about me check it out here..


When I first saw this I fell in love and knew I had to make something with it. So I thought a wreath would be perfect and I can use it throughout different seasons.

Best part.. it was half off of $9.99.. Even better!! They also make different size options. I got the middle size… only after I got the largest and it didn’t fit on my door haha.

  • Ribbon also from Hobby Lobby

I wanted something simple and farmhouse style (shocker)

I love how simple this ribbon is. I love the colors and the farmhouse feel to it.

Make sure to get a ribbon that has a wired edge in order to create a beautiful bow that will stay.

It was half off of $3.99.. I told you I’m all about a bargain diy.

  • Florals.. these are from Walmart that I had but you could also grab them from any craft store or the dollar tree.

I love Eucalyptus and these are $1.50 from Walmart.

I also wanted a few white flowers and these Buttercup Rose stems from Walmart were perfect and also $1.50.

  • Tools to make your life easier..

Wire cutters for the flower stems, hot glue gun and scissors.

Let’s get started…

This process was so easy.. just take your wire cutters and cut off individual stems and attach them to the wreath either with the hot glue gun or string..

I used string to secure it just so that it was stronger..
cut off an extra piece of ribbon to attach it around the wreath…


I told y’all that was simple.. just a few steps and you’re all done. Next you just have to decide if you wanna hand out outside or display it within your home. Either way you can’t go wrong. I’m so happy with how this turned out and it was all less than $10… that’s right TEN DOLLARS!! I have step by step directions on my instagram highlights.. follow along here and I explain in a step by step video..

or a fun tiktok.

Please message me for any questions and thank so much for being here.. xoxo, Lisa

pink lily outfit and hat long hair photography headshot in a field