Indoor or Outdoor Wooden Bead Wreath

I’ll all about a super simple and affordable diy’s. Follow along and I’ll show you exactly what I did. As always for more info about me check it out here..


When I first saw this I fell in love and knew I had to make something with it. So I thought a wreath would be perfect and I can use it throughout different seasons.

Best part.. it was half off of $9.99.. Even better!! They also make different size options. I got the middle size… only after I got the largest and it didn’t fit on my door haha.

  • Ribbon also from Hobby Lobby

I wanted something simple and farmhouse style (shocker)

I love how simple this ribbon is. I love the colors and the farmhouse feel to it.

Make sure to get a ribbon that has a wired edge in order to create a beautiful bow that will stay.

It was half off of $3.99.. I told you I’m all about a bargain diy.

  • Florals.. these are from Walmart that I had but you could also grab them from any craft store or the dollar tree.

I love Eucalyptus and these are $1.50 from Walmart.

I also wanted a few white flowers and these Buttercup Rose stems from Walmart were perfect and also $1.50.

  • Tools to make your life easier..

Wire cutters for the flower stems, hot glue gun and scissors.

Let’s get started…

This process was so easy.. just take your wire cutters and cut off individual stems and attach them to the wreath either with the hot glue gun or string..

I used string to secure it just so that it was stronger..
cut off an extra piece of ribbon to attach it around the wreath…


I told y’all that was simple.. just a few steps and you’re all done. Next you just have to decide if you wanna hand out outside or display it within your home. Either way you can’t go wrong. I’m so happy with how this turned out and it was all less than $10… that’s right TEN DOLLARS!! I have step by step directions on my instagram highlights.. follow along here and I explain in a step by step video..

or a fun tiktok.

Please message me for any questions and thank so much for being here.. xoxo, Lisa

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